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Cleaning Cornwall - Crystal Clear

Window Cleaning Cornwall

window cleaning Cornwall

Crystal Clear was originally formed as a window cleaning business in Cornwall in 1997 to provide a second-to-none service using traditional methods of cleaning with squeegee and hessian scrims. As technology has progressed within the window cleaning industry, we have moved to using microfibre cleaning technology. Glass has a grain which ensures that the microfibres get into the tiny grains to ensure deep cleaning, giving your window a real sparkle.

We still use traditional methods of squeegying and ladders as part of our standard window cleaning service and clean both domestic and commercial premises throughout Cornwall. Our dedicated team of window cleaners are fully trained to carry out a professional clean every time they visit, ensuring your windows are clean and sparkling. The detergent we use for window cleaning breaks down grease and grime leaving fresh clean glass and removing any traffic film that may have accumulated over a period of time.

We use specifically formulated products and have a waterfed pole system which is used to clean windows up to a height of 4 storeys, which might otherwise be inaccessible from a ladder. However we believe that the only real way to ensure a proper clean is to use elbow grease, so if windows can be reached by ladder that is our preferred way of cleaning. Poles are really only used when we have difficulty with access.

We also specialise in silicon residue removal following weather proofing or builder’s work on external windows, using special oil based cleaners and the cleaning of windows after building work, which means that any accumulation up building material deposits, such as cement and plaster are safely removed, with no risk of scratching the glass.

As with all our other services, we offer an online payment facility to ensure that no-one will be knocking on your door at inconvenient times to collect payment. Our customers are invoiced every 4 weeks and a card can be left if requested, to inform you that we’ve been to clean. Our round operates on a lunar calendar, so frequency of cleans can be anything from daily for shops to every 12 weeks for domestic premises, although most of our domestic customers are on a 4 week round.

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